We understand the impact that gaining the ability to forecast IT costs has to your business. Having visibility and understanding that there are no surprise costs coming your way, allows more time for you to concentrate on your business. In 2008 we heard what our customers were asking for, and took action to implement a true fixed cost model. We believed at the time we were ahead of industry by 3 years. 8 years later we are still putting the customer front and centre of how we work and we're truly proud to say, we are the only true fixed cost managed support company in Australia.


We underestimated how long the industry would continue to put their bottom line ahead of their customers needs. The traditional IT model of hitting your customer with a new invoice for every second spent on your account is not having the customer front and centre. Your company is not going to innovate if you're in fear of the financial impact.

Don't let the traditional IT model get in the way of your success.


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