We have the technical expertise to design, deliver and support your environment. However simple or complex your needs are, you're covered.

We know one size does not fit all. Every system we build is specifically designed to maximise your investment and improve your environment.

We provide managed services, systems integration, server and storage infrastructure, desktops, notebooks, mobile devices and vehicle tracking for fleet management. In short, everything you need to run your business.



Our managed service gives you complete peace of mind, by removing the burden of IT support. When you choose our managed service, from audit to design, through to installation and maintenance, we provide everything you need.

Your staff can focus on what they need to do, freeing up resources and cash flow, and enabling you to budget fully for your IT needs well in advance.

It's real support that continually monitors your system and includes fixing any problems, consulting about projects or changes, suggesting improvements, reviewing the environment and keeping you up to date with industry technology and what will benefit your business.



We eliminate time out of your internal team's regular workload to manage new hardware, including servers, workstations, switches, the entire LAN/WAN and even staff training.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) provides a viable option. We offer HaaS

  • Any new hardware requirements
  • Refreshing of equipment with 3 year life cycle
  • HaaS packaged with software month to month licensing

You never have to worry about huge outlays for hardware again. And our team of expert engineers makes sure all hardware integrates with your existing system and works in seamlessly to support your staff and your business.



Software support services that solve the constant 'upgrade' battle.
There is always new software, a more current version, a recommended industry product. It's difficult to track and share crucial information between computers and other devices.

Because of the range of customers we have and the singular focus of our charter - to provide outstanding IT services so your business runs better - we keep our eyes and ears constantly out for improvements and upgrades.

You benefit from:

  • Our knowledge and expertise about compliance and legal requirements
  • If we see software that will benefit you, we'll tell you
  • We take care of all your upgrades etc so you get optimum communication with customers and also within your teams
  • SaaS is flexible to your needs - scales as your requirements grow or contract.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology refers to a series of transmission capabilities that make communication over the Internet a possibility.

VTS IT can assure that your Voip will work exactly as you need. Whether you require installation or following deployment, and including ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting and planning for future growth.

The main benefit from using voip is the cost. It can provide an outstanding alternative to a traditional phone line.



With VTS IT you can rely on backup that is tailored to your needs
Not every business has the same auto backup requirements. A full audit of your IT systems and business requirements is the beginning of our process.

We'll listen to what you need and undertake a thorough assessment so we can recommend the very best solution.

  • Backups happen on a regular basis - as suitable for your business needs
  • Recovery of files
  • Offsite backup and retention policy developed in line with your information protocols

Technology exists to support business - not the other way around. Let us worry about the best way to protect your data so you're free to focus on your core business and customers.



Shifting to Cloud computing can benefit your business enormously. More than the infrastructure, what you get is expert monitoring and ongoing support for data and services residing in the cloud.

Everything is maintained, reviewed and kept at a constant working level by our expert (and friendly) team. By switching to Cloud computing you reduce your carbon footprint - another benefit you can pass on to customers via cost savings and also to improve reputation and leadership in your field, to ensure a smooth transition.

With our hosted service, you don't need to store, power or maintain your infrastructure, saving you valuable floor space, and removing the burden of maintaining your server rooms and infrastructure areas.



Our focus is on helping you fine tune your business technology by understanding your business, making a plan to succeed, and measuring performance with ongoing monitoring and adjustments, at a fixed cost.


Fill out our audit form for a comprehensive
assessment of your IT infrastructure.