We know the effective management of technology is critical. Getting the right advice upfront can make a significant difference to your time, money and business productivity.

We offer a broad range of specialist technology services that manage your technological risks and exposure.

We provide solutions and advice to ensure your business is stable and secure. We guide you through the maze of IT requirements for business, to unleash your productivity.

We understand you need an environment that supports your business and your staff. This is our area of expertise and we're passionate about getting it right.

We partner with you, our suppliers and our vendors to make your business efficient, profitable and productive.


We believe in delivering excellence in customisation

Being familiar with clients across metropolitan and regional Australia, in many different industries, means that we understand different business and geographical sectors. We have a diverse client base and the ability to tailor our services to the needs of public, private and government clients.

  • We offer a broad range of solutions and practical IT services under the one roof. We provide all of your technology requirements, so that you don't need to deal with multiple providers.
  • Every day we provide reliable, tested advice; and solutions that come from extensive knowledge and experience.
  • We deliver security, stability and solutions; from a firm that is large enough to offer a broad range of expertise, but small enough to provide a personal touch.
  • We understand enterprise architecture needs and have an HP Certified Converged Infrastructure Business Partner Solutions Architect on staff to build your complete environment.


We believe in seeing you differently

As a leader in IT service, we believe in our commitment to creating strong relationships with our clients. We listen to what you need and show you the possibilities. Our deeper interaction allows us to really understand how to assist your business. This is how our approach is different.

Through our experience we understand people in the business world seek a combination of technical excellence, specialised service, and outstanding client relationships. We understand business and excel in ensuring your business is always stable, secure and productive.

  • We value our clients, we value our integrity and we value our honesty. With these principles we make it our business to create and maintain outstanding relationships, based on our understanding that each of our client's needs are distinctively different.
  • The difference in our attitude and approach allows us to build successful relationships based on trust and understanding.
  • We focus on what is important to you: adopting a partnership style approach, being responsive and reliable, keeping our promises; and maintaining open and direct communication.


We understand our clients are different, and all have unique needs and circumstances

The unifying factor in our model is our knowledge and understanding of a positive and productive technological environment; and the benefits that working in unison with your business can bring. We are confident in our ability to build an outstanding client relationship, combined with technical excellence across a specialised range of services.

So whether you're part of a public, private, government or multinational organisation, you can expect that we will work as an extension of your team and deliver successful outcomes for your organisation.

Our brand promises this to all our clients, however large or small; and whether your business is local, national or international.

A stable, reliable IT environment is paramount to us as the David Evans Group IT security concerns are unique and exposure to risks must be kept to a minimum. VTS IT understood this and built a sophisticated solution that supports our business. Their extensive knowledge of our systems takes the stress out of IT as we work together in partnership.


David Evans Group

VTS IT has streamlined our environments, stopped us wasting money on things we don't need, and ensured that we have a one stop shop for all our ICT requirements. What they have also given us is relief from the ongoing burden of our IT, by owning everything for us. It was a huge headache to deliver ICT to as many users as we need to, but VTS IT has made our IT easy.


Meridian Internation School

No challenge goes unresolved with VTS IT. Their custom designed IT infrastructure that allows wireless access to our training staff for real time feedback of player performance, has enhanced productivity across our business exponentially. More often than not VTS IT have a solution to our problem before we are even aware of the issue.


Brumbies Rugby


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