Invigorate the Client Experience

IT systems are the crucial backbone supporting every enterprise’s operations. Technology is continually transforming across the constantly changing global landscape we are all living and working together in.

Until now, MSP clients have been unable to view their IT environment information with providers reluctant to hand over these details, lest the client dare to question their services and charges.

The VTS IT Client Portal has been created to overcome this challenge; providing an innovative 24/7 digital space custom designed for insight and enhanced knowledge of your IT environment, enabling you to monitor, review and interact with your IT management.

Client Portal

The Client Portal’s Modular Digital Window Panes allow for the seamless modification and creation of new components tailored to meet whatever the future brings.

Each released feature integrates to enhance and compliment the volume of information about an organisations IT environment – exposing business inconsistencies, overspends and errors, saving valuable time and money.

Ticketing Reports

Track the volume of service requests, review your staff satisfaction ratings with ticket resolutions and ensure  performance of our promised Service Level Agreement

Review In Depth

  • Number of tickets resolved
    • Overall
    • By user
  • Customer satisfaction scale
    • Overall
    • By user
  • Average resolution time

Ticketing Report Overview


Combating cyber-attacks and identity crime Securely review and maintain your authorised users online

Secure Visibility of your Authorised Users

  • User Contact Details
  • Last Logged In Device
  • Site Location and Information
  • Microsoft Licences In Use
  • Tickets Logged and ratings
  • Add/Remove users

Users Overview


In-depth, live and accurate details of workstations, laptops and servers authorised and managed within your environment

Critical Real-Time Live Data

  • Last Logged In User
  • Device IP Location
  • Last Online Date
  • Make, Model and Serial Number
  • Operating System
  • Processor, Storage and RAM

Devices Overview


Vital security measure protecting data and systems by highlighting whether Microsoft  licences have been added or removed so that no unauthorised access is possible

Auditable Transparency

  • View Active MS 365 Licences
    • Across the whole business
    • At an individual user level
  • Compare active MS 365 Licences vs Active Users
  • Cost tracking - match your user lists to your invoices

Licences Overview

Ticket System

Centralised lodgement and tracking of  IT service requests, as well as compiling and maintaining a history for your future review

Digital Interface Enables Your Team to:

  • Create and submit IT service request tickets
  • Track the ongoing progress of the ticket
  • Provide further information and receive updates from the technical team
  • Review completed requests

Ticket Logging


Digitally receive, review and approve  new hardware and services quotes

Making the Quoting  Process a Breeze!

  • Review and approve your new quotes quickly and easily
  • Access your historical quotes
  • Environmentally friendly online signing – no paper printing
  • 24/7 Global availability to your securely stored documents



ATO Compliance Made Easy

Secure Access to New and Historical Tax Invoices

  • Individual user permission settings
  • Securely stored critical documents
  • 24/7 Global availability



Digital signing and Access to Contracts Coming Soon

Online  Review, Secure Electronic  Signature  and Storage of your  Managed Services Agreements

  • 24/7 Global availability to your securely stored critical documents
  • Environmentally friendly secure online signing – no paper printing


Coming Soon

Watch This Space for Further Features and Releases

Released Phases

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Have you considered how to optimise efficiencies and reduce costs with your IT environment? VTS IT’s free comprehensive IT audit report gives you recommendations that will enable you to have an IT environment that works – effectively and efficiently.

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The process:

  • We arrange a meeting, our aim is to gain as much information as we can about the needs of your business and your current digital IT solutions.

  • This is when we perform a free audit. Our highly skilled IT industry specialists evaluate every area of your technology, analysing over 100 core markers of your IT environment. Based on our specialist’s findings, our Team prepares a comprehensive audit report.
  • We then review the comprehensive audit report with you. These reports will include any risks we have identified or issues we found. We will suggest changes you can make to your IT infrastructure as well as an asset report.

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